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beauty on the inside doesn’t get you free drinks

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rewinding 2013: favourite lyrics from b.a.p’s 2013 songs





This is the picture for those wanting to see or know. I saw this on exoticbap’s IG. One of the people I follow on there liked the picture so that’s how I saw it.

My IG is mainly Beauty related so seeing this was unexpected. I can’t express how much this hurts me to see. BAP has brought me so much Joy so seeing someone who makes you happy in a condition like this hurts regardless if you know them or not.

I rather BAP have a long break than to see one of them or all of them like this. I feel like this goes for any group. These are regular people who are being pushed to these limits. This is not good this is not healthy. Some things got to give. Things need to get better. These companies need to do better.

I just want to add that this honestly makes me not want a comeback from them. They need a break, their Leader need a freaking oxygen machine. This upsets me so much.

People like what happen, some of you really don’t know. It’s obvious that he has hit the limit that no one should. He one has bad eating habits; he doesn’t eat as much as he should. YongGuk does a lot besides just being Leader. B.A.P dance moves are very strong and you honestly need a lot of stamina for them. They have a really busy schedule, they always have comeback back to back.

YongGuk like the others are overworked. If you can’t see that or have notice that, where is your mind at.

I really want and hope they get rest soon because this is not good on any level. TSE need to do better.

Petition for BAP to take a goddamn break this is heartbreaking

I was thinking that same thing, like they deserve to just take a break. TF things got to give

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Favourite ZELO’s raps in songs.

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Sunday morning, rain is falling
Steal some covers, share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold I’m in

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byzelo: 까꿍(Peekaboo)#Socks is the Very #Point#zz

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himchan’s way of warming up before throwing the dart

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Excuse me;

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Remember when Youngjae was so happy he wanted to jump off a building?